10th February 2021


Promoting Responsible Business across the Tech Ecosystem


Technology is a proven catalyst for social change. Last year, it showed us, that it is also a vital tool of resurgence and kept us going, even when most of us were stuck at home.

As we move into year 2021, there is still a lot of mistrust on the systems, fear of losing jobs and livelihoods, anxiety to come back into a new normal and hope to pursue and achieve the pre-pandemic goals with the same zeal.

This year, technology has to take up its most critical role yet in our lives. It has to become the instrument of trust, a bankable resource for the growth of humanity and a harbinger of optimism for all things good on earth, all at once. Therefore, this year’s edition of the Tech for Good Summit becomes all the more important.

It hopes to lay down a roadmap of how technology can be used to create sustainable growth with unwavering resolve to make this world a better place for all.

Fuelling India’s Demographic Dividend by unleashing technology and human ingenuity

The Session to Focus on

Trends in India's Labor Market

Gig economy evolution, hybridization of jobs, technology & human augmentation

Reimagining key occupation groups

People who are most at risk of being left behind in the growing digital economy (handypersons, housekeeping staff, micro-entrepreneurs etc)

Technology Intervention

Bridging the ever present digital gap

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