Last Date: 31st May 2021


Accelerating Technology Innovation and Adoption for Social Good


100% digital literacy, AI driven positive social change, Self-driving battery operated cars on every road, , most of the sustainable development goals met and India at the centre of the tech world — this how experts see the decade of 2020-29 playing out. Today, all this seems a bit too far fetched and optimistic, but if what happened in 2020 is any indicator, we may achieve these way before 2030 comes knocking. 

The current global crisis has created a new paradigm shift in technology adoption like never before. In the year 2020, the world demonstrated 3 years’ worth of technological adoption. Today, People and society are more than ever, the drivers of technology trends.

From a social good perspective, technology has to play multiple roles now to build on the soft reset 2020 provided us and create a better more sustainable normal.

The session will hope to lay a roadmap of how technology can act as a catalyst for change. It will also showcase the best practices adopted by the companies to create and foster social innovations. It will help brdige the gap between CSR funds and social enterprises.  It will highlight the skills required for a better future. It will celebrate the collaboration among businesses, civil society, government and the people at large to come out resurgent in the face of one of the most testing challenges of our times.

The session will also see India’s first ever ‘Tech for Good’ report released by NASSCOM Foundation in partnership with CGI.

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