AI/VR Eye Screening

By AT&T Global Business Services India Private Limited

Currently, in India, every 8th individual or nearly 40 million aged 40 years or older either has glaucoma or is at risk
of developing the disease. 11.2 million Indians suffer from the disease with 1.1 million are blind, including children.
In addition more than 28 million people have either ocular hypertension, PACS or PAC, which may develop into
Glaucoma if not treated at appropriate time.
What is most worrying is that 90% of glaucoma in the community is undetected, 50% of the newly diagnosed have
advanced glaucoma and 50% of these were seen by ophthalmologists recently and not diagnosed to have
Glaucoma. Unfortunately, the disease goes unnoticed until the late stages. There is no cure (yet) for glaucoma and
vision lost cannot be regained. With medication and/or surgery, it is possible to halt further loss of vision; it must be
monitored for life. The best way to protect the sight from glaucoma is to get eyes examined immediately. Diagnosis
is the first step to preserving the eye sight. Vision.
Methods of vision screening today are limited by infrastructure requirements, high cost and trained personnel
deficit, preventing it’s widespread implementation in mass screening for these conditions that lead to avoidable
Therefore, there is a need for new solutions taking advantage of the newer technology that can provide access to
vision assessment across the globe. Thus, saving many from preventable blindness.

OM (Order of Magnitude) is an intelligent clinical vision screening device. It uses virtual reality (VR) as a medium to
perform vision assessment tests on a user. The in-built decision support feature of OM identifies and diagnoses
more than 60% of the common causes of avoidable blindness, bridging the gap between ophthalmologists and
those who need care.
OM is completely software-based that can convert any VR headset into a vision screening system.

OM is a 100% digital solution built using the Unity game engine for VR platforms. The examiner controls the entire
test process using commonly available peripheral devices – smartphones, tablets or desktops. OM leverages the
cloud-based Bifrost platform for it’s functioning.
It is designed to function with a low bandwidth requirement, ensuring an easier deployment in the target market of
developing countries.
In-built automatic clinical decision support provided information that can assist trained technicians on making a
decision on the presence or absence of a vision-related condition

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