Automation in Segregating Waste using Robotics and AI

By Ishitva Robotic Systems Pvt Ltd

Developed Air Sorter and Robotics to Sort different Plastic Polymer PET, PP, HDPE, Color sorting, Black Plastic Waste
using Artificial Intelligence and Sensors. Working Principle – Mix Input Waste is fed on the Conveyor. IRS AI Vision
which has Industrial Cameras and Sensors scans the Conveyor, Identifies the Composition on the Belt and Object to be sorted as per the Classifier selected or polymer type. Once the Waste Item is detected by the AI Tool it shares
the information to the Mechanical Unit Robot or the Air Sorter to Eject the Material. With this technology we are
able to sort 1 to 6 Tons Per Hour of Dry Waste into different kinds of Plastic Polymers with Color Sorting. Also
provide live analytics of composition of the belt with statistics of sorted polymer items. Composition Tool scans the
conveyor and finds the polymer to be sorted. It can work for 24/7 without any break. It has learning features where
for any new material can be classified for the respective polymer by size, shape, color and brand details for quality

18 thoughts on “Automation in Segregating Waste using Robotics and AI”

  1. Super idea….. But adhu ellamae plastic dhane one gripper epdi neraya.. Plastic vandhaa pidikum… Semma idea…

  2. Plastic is good, if it is managed well like this at the end of its current life cycle as product and like human its soul will be changed through recycling it into a new product. This machine can help in this transformation process , its worth, its noble and therefore deserves applause.

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