BridgeIT – Digitally Empowering Rural Communities

By Tata Consultancy Services Limited

BridgeIT was created as a TCS Affirmative Action attempt to address the prevailing social inequities in India by
proactively reaching out to Dalits and Tribals using IT tools and train them as digital entrepreneurs. These
empowered youth could act as alternate set of technical experts with complete understanding of grass root issues, thereby providing a shot in the arm for developing efficient digital solutions and delivering essential services
targeted towards solving the challenges in school education, adult literacy, unemployment/under-employment,
essential amenities, social discrimination and level the playing field between rural and urban areas. The project also enables TCS employees to leverage their technical competence in a meaningful manner. It leads to their increased satisfaction and helps maintain a healthy vibrant workforce.

25 thoughts on “BridgeIT – Digitally Empowering Rural Communities”

  1. Nice initiative. Much helpful to rural young minds and also to all elders holding whole responsibility of the family.

  2. बहुत अच्छी सोच समाज को अच्छे से जोड़ने के
    लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आप सभी का
    इस पहल के लिए

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