Converting paddy straw into NextGen biofuels

By A2P Energy Solution Private Limited

A2P is working towards resolving the open field paddy straw burning problem by putting up sustainable projects for
converting the straw into useful products for the purpose of Energy usage. The aim of the business is to provide
value to all the stakeholders starting from the farmers.
We use future driven technology not only to optimize our straw collection but also work on NextGen Biofuels from
Paddy Straw
• Innovation: We are proudly the first company in India to commercialize products out of 100% paddy straw and
now moving to NextGenBioFuels : Bio-Diesel, Green coal and Nanocellulose.
• Machine Learning Model : In the straw collection process the presence of large and continuous fields is necessary
to avoid wastage of resources, we use our propriety machine learning model on top google earth’s API to extract
the satellite data for Punjab to recommend optimum location for paddy straw collection.

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