Digital Night Schools

By Social Work and Research Center aka Barefoot College

Solar Digital night schools are non-formal schools running across the country during evenings or nights for the
marginalised and poor children who are unable to access formal and quality education during day-time because of various social, geographical, or economic limitations. These schools are primarily located in locations which are offgrid or with intermittent electricity supply and uses digital tools and technologies to deliver education effectively.
There are a total of 47 such digital night schools spread across 10 Indian States supported by Apple, Oracle,
Microsoft, PayPal, WorldReader, etc.
Our technological innovation uses a solar projector which is developed in-house at Barefoot College, especially for
areas which have no grid electricity or have intermittent electricity supply. We also use tablets (easily connectable
with the solar projectors) such that we are able to provide high quality and futuristic education to the last mile
children. These innovations have helped us not only reach our beneficiary children but have also helped us move
beyond from only being able to provide numeracy and literacy skills to also include other key dimensions of
education such as digital literacy (for both children and community teachers), gender, health, civil rights,
citizenship, environment, social and emotional learning, etc. The technological innovation has also helped us move
from ‘teaching’ to ‘learning by self’ style of education.

27 thoughts on “Digital Night Schools”

  1. Amazing initiative. Why is this not in the mainstream media? This can actually solve the huge problem with rural areas in india. Just by educating rural areas you can’t think of problems this is going to solve, child marriage, domestic violence to name a few.

  2. It’s a good adaptation of teaching students and prioritizing their skills to the most effective way.
    Young kids and students are the future of the world and they should get enough amount of education and knowledge to give better future to the coming generation!

  3. Kids curiosity is very important. I feel satisfied when saw the dedication and hard work of teachers here . That’s how we can tell that instead of teachers, student ask question and teacher satisfy then by giving the solution in playful way.

  4. Hello
    I voted at 500% to BAREFOOT College, Digital night School initiative.
    Children are the future of the world.
    Best regards
    Christèle Adedjoumon
    Energy project managet

  5. Great initiative! Our country needs education at the grassroot level as much as possible and this will definitely help take it further with such innovative low-cost initiatives.

  6. Our best wishes to Tilonia Night school. A wonderful initiative. India and the world needs these innovative ideas to uplift children from darkness.

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