iMerit’s Technology Hub

By iMerit Technology Services

iMerit’s one-of-a-kind technology hub is a scalable, technology-based model that helps people living in marginalized communities realize aspirational livelihoods through digital inclusion. The iMerit tech hub enables people to launch exciting careers as Machine Learning annotators. People begin their data enrichment journeys at iMerit with skilling tools meant to train and educate. Training programs are digitized and delivered in blended form through a Learning Management System (LMS) that supports anytime/anywhere learning; all learning is made engaging through gamification and personalization. Intelligent tech tools for individual assessment provide targeted feedback, helping all iMerit employees continually improve their skills. With a 95 percent retention rate, iMerit employees develop into seasoned data enrichment experts, trainers and managers. With more than a dozen tools in the iMerit tech hub, iMerit’s annotator’s produce output accuracy for their world-class clientele above 98 percent.

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