Mumbai Fire brigade

By Hexagon Capability Centre India Ltd.

Ability to dispatch the work forces to fire location at the right time with right equipment. Integrates with
communication equipment to speed up the call handling process during the emergency situation. Provide
situational awareness to the first Responders. Bringing the common operational platform to manage the resources
effectively. Easy to use call center software with the ability to store the Incident information and assign resources
who could respond to the incident faster by virtue of the location.

Hexagon’s I/Dispatcher provides complete capabilities for call-taking, dispatching, and resource management. It
features dialogue and map-based views of calls, events, and units and automatically recommends and routes
resources based on location, availability, skills, and more. With I/Dispatcher, call-takers, dispatchers, and
supervisors can verify calls, create events, and dispatch and monitor resources quickly and confidently. Through
interfaces to external systems, users can automate event creation from alarms; run queries on records and
external databases; communicate in real time with field personnel via mobile computers, smartphones, radios, and
more; and track and monitor AVL and GPS-enabled units and personnel for better resource management,
situational awareness, and personnel safety.

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