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Rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in the lives of People with disabilities. This segment deals with amputees with
prosthetic limbs. India has over one million amputees with 23,500 added each year, who predominantly belong to
the rural sector. Only a fragment of this population gets access to prosthetic limb via various camps conducted by
NGO’s. But for them to be able to walk again after procuring the limb, the rehabilitation process called ‘gait training’
needs to be accurate. Gait training is of paramount importance, which involves patients visiting doctors frequently
for 8-12 weeks after fitting the prosthetic limb to get accustomed to walk normally. However, the current method at
most of the rehabilitation centers in India is Manual, and doctors have to rely on patients to provide corrective
measures. Medical field has their own inhibitions because manual method is not appropriate. Reasons being – the
amputees are not able to gauge themselves due to various medical factors like limb numbness, phantom pains etc.
Without the accurate feedback, the rehabilitation process does not help the amputees, and a lot of them either go
back to using crutches, or end up causing physical damage to themselves and the prosthetic limb. There is a need
to build adaptive and assistive technology for the medical field to help doctors helps their patients better.

The technology encompasses sensor fabricated that captures the force applied on the foot from various angles
along with the angular pressure on the edge of limbs during the process of gait training. The sensors are calibrated
and programmed to relay this to cloud. This data is processed and displayed on an intuitive dashboard with real
time gait training analysis. The doctors can use this dashboard to observe the gait training pattern of the
amputees, with categorized data on the force and pressure applied. The doctors can compare this with their
specifications based on the body mass Index of the patients if the rehabilitation process is going as expected.
This method avoids any form of human errors due to conventional ways and provides accurate data. The
technology also involves foraying into healthcare with the help of Microsoft cloud solutions and Artificial intelligence where the data can be used for predictive analysis.

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