NASSCOM Foundation

BridgeIT – Digitally Empowering Rural Communities

BridgeIT was created as a TCS Affirmative Action attempt to address the prevailing social inequities in India by
proactively reaching out to Dalits and Tribals using IT tools and train them as digital entrepreneurs.

iMerit’s Technology Hub

iMerit’s one-of-a-kind technology hub is a scalable, technology-based model that helps people living in marginalized communities realize aspirational livelihoods through digital inclusion.


Agri-GIS addresses – Farm level aggregation and Disaggregation of crop and socio-economic parameters; Solving the lack of information of suitability of beneficiary land for various crops; Providing information on Water Availability; Helping beneficiary on nutrition management (linking agriculture to nutrition);

AI/VR Eye Screening

OM (Order of Magnitude) is an intelligent clinical vision screening device. It uses virtual reality (VR) as a medium to perform vision assessment tests on a user.

e Health care

HPE’s innovative cloud solutions enable intervention and treatment to communities that often lack accredited doctors, functional clinics, Internet access, or even electricity.

Blood Bag Monitor

a blood bag monitoring system which will be monitoring the storage conditions of blood bags while it is transported and stored.

Automation in Segregating Waste using Robotics and AI

Developed Air Sorter and Robotics to Sort different Plastic Polymer PET, PP, HDPE, Color sorting, Black Plastic Waste
using Artificial Intelligence and Sensors.

BhuGoal – Predicting Moods of India

BhuGoal (A patented device for precise weather monitoring) uses the same TV distortion for our precise prediction of rain at a defined location.

Converting paddy straw into NextGen biofuels

A2P is working towards resolving the open field paddy straw burning problem by putting up sustainable projects for
converting the straw into useful products for the purpose of Energy usage.


Our invention is primarily a kit containing Cardboard blocks of code. It is basically a paper computer that costs a
little over $2.

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