Understanding the Return on Skills Training Models in India


With a large and ever-growing young population in working-age, India has the potential of becoming a global capital for providing a skilled workforce. The country has been investing heavily in training the workforce. Along with the Government, private organisations too have played a key role in reducing the skills gap in India with 328 companies contributing 1653 Cr towards 775 projects in skill development through CSR funding.

The new normal has opened the mindset to remote training, e-learning (blended), technological interventions in skill development. It has also showcased the need to provide a renewed focus to align candidate aspirations and employer needs based on the changes.

While there are a large number of skills training models, dedicated to solving the skills and employment gap, there is variation in placement and training practices across models. There are no dotted lines that are drawn to see how the input structure/model is impacting the salary of candidates. The time is ripe for multiple stakeholders to collaborate on the most efficient models to realise the future of skills training in India.

The Tech for Good session supported by J.P. Morgan will feature the unveiling of J.P. Morgan, Sattva and NASSCOM Foundation’s report on ‘Understanding the Return on Skills Training Models in India ’ and the insights from the study. Study covers across 40 training partners, 10 funding partners and 60 employers to bring comprehensive insights on the research questions of ROI and COVID agility. The webinar will bring together thought leaders from across the industry and help the stakeholders in the skills training ecosystem to make informed decisions.

Unveiling the Report at the session

What INFluences the Return on SKillS training in India?

Some of the important questions the session will address are:

The factors that influence the ‘Return On Investment’ of skills training models

Answers at the session

Practices that positively influence the salary and placement

Answers at the session

Agility and adaptation of training organisations during the pandemic

Answers at the session

Recommendations to continue bridging the skills gap in a post-COVID scenario

Answers at the session

SPEAKERS FOr the Session

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